WePlay schedule and format announced

Shortly after the final adjustments to the team line-up have been made, WePlay has revealed the entire schedule for the LAN event along with the format of the tournament.

The final eight participating teams will be split into two groups and will play in the first day of the event, April 28th in a GSL format to determine the seedlings for the double elimination playoffs bracket.

However, the GSL group stage played during the first day has a small twist: first series for each team will be a best-of-three while the rest of the group will be held in a best-of-one format. At the end of the group stage the top two teams from each group will start the playoffs from the upper bracket while the bottom two will have to fight for their survival in the lower bracket. All the playoffs games will best-of-three series while the grand finals will be best-of-five.

The playoffs will take place immediately after the GSL group stage, from April 29th to the 1st of May.

Group A: