Hearthstone Patch 2.7


A new game mode, new heroes and card backs! What more could you ask for with the latest Hearthstone Patch 2.7? Patch 2.7 contains a new game mode called Tavern Brawl, where players fight against other players using guidelines that change each week. This week the two decks are Nefarian vs. Ragnaros. Although Tavern Brawl is a casual game mode,…

Hearthstone DLC: The Good, the Bad and the Portraits


On June 4th Blizzard announced that it would be releasing a new hero in Hearthstone, Magni Bronzebeard, 1 of 9 to be released. The announcement video for the new hero generated tremendous amounts of hype and excitement for upcoming content. I think it’s safe to say most players were caught off guard by the release of new heroes in hearthstone and,…

Stigma Of Aggro Decks: Does Aggro Mean No Skill?


Aggro decks have existed since the TCG was around and will likely continue so. These types of decks are revolved around having a very consistent, low cost curve and aggressively taking over the game with a surge of small minions, hence the name. Their goal is usually to end the game early, as the late game power of other decks…

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