Hearthstone DLC: The Good, the Bad and the Portraits


On June 4th Blizzard announced that it would be releasing a new hero in Hearthstone, Magni Bronzebeard, 1 of 9 to be released. The announcement video for the new hero generated tremendous amounts of hype and excitement for upcoming content. I think it’s safe to say most players were caught off guard by the release of new heroes in hearthstone and,…

Stigma Of Aggro Decks: Does Aggro Mean No Skill?


Aggro decks have existed since the TCG was around and will likely continue so. These types of decks are revolved around having a very consistent, low cost curve and aggressively taking over the game with a surge of small minions, hence the name. Their goal is usually to end the game early, as the late game power of other decks…

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