League of Legends fans can now create their own fantasy leagues and draft North American and European League Championship Series pros with Riot Games’ new Fantasy LCS beta.

Once you create or join a four-, six-, or eight-person team, each week you’ll be scored on your picks’ kills, deaths, assists, and creep score with team scoring coming down to wins and major objectives. The video above is quick rundown of how it works and Riot has tips as well.

The Fantasy LCS is going to be awesome for anyone who actively follows the scene. So many people signed up yesterday that the site went down and, at the time of writing, live drafting is temporarily closed. There’s clearly a desire for this stuff and it’s nice to see fans able to participate in a fantasy league hosted by Riot itself. Once it’s back up and running, that is.

How to play Fantasy LCS?



Fantasy LCS

Create a league. Invite your friends.
  • You can create your own league of 4, 6, or 8 teams
  • After creating your league, you can send your friends an invite link to join your league.
  • Keep in mind, you won’t be able to start drafting until your league is filled up.
  • You can continue creating leagues after LCS starts, though your league will be scored on future weeks.
  • You can use the league message board to coordinate a scheduled draft time with your friends.


Has someone invited you to join their league? Just click on the league, name your team, and then wait for your league owner to start the draft.


Fantasy LCS

Draft your favorite players to create your fantasy team. Then dominate your friends in head-to-head match-ups.

To build your dream team of LCS stars, you’ll conduct a draft where you and your competitors in your league take turns picking the players you want to form your team.

You’ll be picking the following positions:

  • 7 Starters:
    • 1 Top
    • 1 Jungler
    • 1 Mid
    • 1 AD Carry
    • 1 Support
    • 1 Flex player (an extra starter; can be a player from any position)
    • 1 Team (like Dignitas or Fnatic)
  • 3 Alternate players who can sub for a Starter

You can have a maximum of 2 players of the same position (you can’t draft 3 Mids or 3 Teams). You’ll earn points each week based on how well your Starters do. See below for scoring details.

You have a minute to make each pick. The draft follows snake rules: each round, the draft alternates pick order between first to last and last to first. To learn more about the draft process before it starts, log in to your league and check out our drafting tips to get acquainted with the draft screen. You can also communicate a time when you want to start a draft with your league. Keep in mind, you won’t be able to start drafting until your league is filled up.



Fantasy LCS

Keep your roster fresh each week.

Every week, you can change your starting lineup for your roster. Who’s on a hot streak, who’s got a difficult schedule? The roster decisions you make will determine whether or not your week ends in victory. Once matches start for a region, players in that region for that week will be locked. Rosters for the next week unlock when NA LCS starts play on Saturday.

Estimates are adjusted and new players added on the following schedule:

  • EU players: Tuesday at 12 PM PST | 21:00 CET
  • NA players: Thursday at 12 PM PST | 21:00 CET


Want to pick up a rising star? Players that aren’t drafted onto a team are put into a free agent pool, and you can swap players from your roster with the free agent pool. The swap will affect your next unlocked roster.


Over the course of the season, some players may end up shifting positions. They will be allowed to start in Fantasy LCS in any position in which they have played 3 or more games, and will retain that eligibility throughout the season. Players with multiple positional eligibilities will count only against the cap with fewer players on your team (so if you have 2 Mids, 1 Jungle, and 1 Mid/Jungle, the multi-eligible player will count as a Jungle).


Fantasy LCS

Follow your weekly match-ups and cheer on your roster.

See how members of your team stack up against the competition and watch the games to see your score rise throughout the day. Be sure to stay on top of the LCS action each week so you can find rising stars, swap poor performers, and support your team.


Each week, your team will be matched up against another team in your league. Teams will earn points based on the performance of their starting line-up. Alternates do not earn points.

LCS Players are scored accordingly:

  • 2 points per kill
  • -0.5 points per death
  • 1.5 points per assist
  • 0.01 points per creep kill
  • 2 points for a triple kill
  • 5 points for a quadra kill (doesn’t also count as a triple kill)
  • 10 points for a penta kill (doesn’t also count as a quadra kill)
  • 2 points if a player attains 10 or more assists or kills in a game (this bonus only applies once)

LCS Teams are scored accordingly:

  • 2 points per win
  • 2 points per Baron Nashor killed
  • 1 point per Dragon killed
  • 2 points per First Blood earned
  • 1 point per Tower destroyed
  • 2 points if the team wins in less than 30 minutes

Match results and points are updated live. Follow along on the match-ups page.


Once you set your team it is up to you to manage them to victory. Scout the competition, watch the weekly matches, and out-think your opponents. Your dream team’s performance depends on you!


Each LCS week, you’ll be matched up against another team in your league. The team that earns the most points with their starting line-up, wins the match-up for that week. At the end of the season, the team with the best record wins the league.

The following tiebreakers apply for determining tiebreakers in the standings:

  • Absolute number of wins (highest total wins)
  • Absolute number of ties (highest total wins)
  • Total Points Scored (highest total wins)
  • Total Points Against (highest total wins)
  • Total Kills (highest total wins)
  • Total Deaths (lowest total wins)
  • Total Minions (highest total wins)

Want more information? Check our League of Legends section!