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Fantasy DOTA

The Fantasy Dota 2 league concept was first introduced by Valve in the compendium for The International 2013. Owners of the compendium were able to create an extra fantasy DOTA 2 team and were rewarded with various in-game prizes for their results.

In February 2014, the new patch expanded on the compendium idea and included a DOTA Fantasy 2 League, where friends would join together to create fantasy DOTA 2 teams made of the current pro players. To enter into the league, participants would first purchase a ticket, create a league, invite friends (who also needed to purchase a ticket), and arrange a live draft. Then the league would automatically create matchups to earn points to win against the other members of the league. Points were awarded when professional players on your roster participated in tournaments. The winner of the league was awarded various in-game items.

The concept of the Daily Fantasy DOTA 2 game is relatively new. It takes the traditional Fantasy DOTA 2 League model and compresses it into a daily, and sometimes weekly, game. Fantasy DOTA 2 is now playable at Vulcun and AlphaDraft. Also, eSportsPlus has just launched and is offering free $10 for pre-registration.

How to Play

3 quick steps to get in the Fantasy DOTA 2 game

Choose a contest

Normally the games last just one day or one week. From the lobby you can choose the daily or weekly contest you’d like to enter. You can play for free, or to make things super exciting play for cash. You can enter as many games and teams as you like to increase your chances of winning.

Pick your ultimate team

Once you’ve chosen your contest you’ll need to pick your ultimate fantasy team for that day or week’s games. All you need to do is stay under the salary cap and watch your chosen players destroy the competition.

Score the most points & win

Once the games start your players accumulate points based on how they perform in the live games. If your team racks up more points than your rivals on that day or weekend you’ll instantly take home the winnings. No waiting for the season to end – instant payouts!


Point distribution

First you need to understand the way players earn points in Fantasy Dota 2. Imagine a tournament with 3 teams: Team Secret, Evil Geniuses, and CDEC Gaming. Each team consists of 5 players. The teams will all play against each other. There are also User #1 and User #2 who would pick their own fantasy team.

Team Secret Evil Geniuses CDEC Gaming User #1 TEAM User #2 TEAM
Players Arteezy Fear Agressif Arteezy Agressif
s4 SumaiL Coffin Shiki SumaiL Coffin SumaiL Coffin
zai UNiVeRsE Xz Q Q
KuroKy Aui_2000 Q Aui_2000 Aui_2000
Puppey ppd garder Puppey Puppey

The most popular rule for calculating score for an individual player is as follow:

+2 pts -1 pts +1.6 pts +0.01 pts

Now let’s say that Arteezy got a score of 10 Kills, 6 deaths, 5 assists and 100 creeps. His final score will be (10*2)–(6*1)+(5*1.6)+(100*0.01)= 23. While Arteezy had a decent game Agressif struggled and ended with a score of 3 kills, 12 deaths, 10 assists and 60 creeps. His score in this case would be (3*2)-(10*1)+(10*1.6)+(60*0.01)= 12.6.

Picking the right players

When picking the players the first thing to look out for is the salary cap. Salary cap means that you cannot spend more than that amount when adding players to your team. Each player has its own salary which is normally determined by his season average points, last week points and player popularity. For those with extensive knowledge of team rosters, picking most valuable players for their team will be no problem whatsoever. The other thing is that team must be well balanced. For example, picking up four mid players for a team is not the brightest idea because one of the teams has to lose, and not everyone can have a good score at the end of the game. Not to mention that picking four mid players will take a large chunk of your available funds.

Researching to Win Consistently

It is very important that you know what is going on with everything in the league. Knowing what’s going on will give you an edge over opponents who don’t know. For example, Pinnaclesports is the sharpest sports and esports book out there and if they feel a game is going a certain way, it usually does. They created a billion dollar business by being correct and if they are wrong on something, it will cost them millions.

Other sources of information can be the social media, roster changes, or even players’ personal activities.

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Top Players


Rank Player Solo MMR
1 Secret.s4 7758
2 Secret.Arteezy 7577
3 SumaiL Coffin 7428
4 ROOT.Moo 7404
5 EG.UNiVeRsE 7354


Rank Player Solo MMR
1 Miracle- 8062
2 Nofear 8003
3 Saksa 7873
4 niuGneP HERZ 7663

SE Asia

Rank Player Solo MMR
1 Jed 7476
2 Abed- 7025
3 Miduan 6897
4 Redeem.我的人生很lag 6856
5 4ASC.Paulparks! 6809


Rank Player Solo MMR
1 灵性选手 7571
2 Newbee.June.电竞之家 7561
3 Wings.跳刀跳刀丶 7519
4 MVP.Phx.QO 7452
5 虎牙TV.丑鬼 7451

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