The EU LCS Spring Finals was between G2 Esports and Origen. Would the Challenger squad of G2 continue their surprising dominance and take the victory, or would the veterans on Origen have something to say about it? 

EU LCS Spring Finals: G2 ESports vs. Origen


Game 1

G2 are well known for their early aggression in games and this instance was no different. Kim “Trick” Gang-yun ganked the mid lane with Luka “PerkZ” Perković in an attempt to kill Tristan “PowerOfEvil” Schrage, but it backfired as Trick overextended for the kill and died, surrendering First Blood. This did not deter him, however, as he made a return trip to the mid lane along with a teleport from Mateusz “Kikis” Szkudlarek to reply immediately with a kill of their own. Maurice “Amazing” Stückenschneider and Paul “sOAZ” Boyer responded in the top lane, diving Kikis and securing a second kill.

Unfortunately, this seemed like the last instance of proactivity by OG as Trick and PerkZ began to take over. A five-man gank in the top lane would give G2 a turret lead and give PerkZ his first kill on LeBlanc beginning his snowball. With Origen trying to scale up a Rod of Ages Orianna and a blue build Ezreal, Trick and PerkZ were allowed to roam around causing havoc. A gank in the bot lane resulted in an extended skirmish in which G2 would pick up four kills and another turret.

Trick would revisit the top lane and catch out sOAZ for yet another kill, before PerkZ engaged sOAZ and Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen in the bot lane in a 1v2 and picked up a kill. He kept sOAZ busy, splitting OG and allowing G2 to take two mid turrets and transition into the Baron. With the Baron G2 had no reason to relent and continued sieging, eventually taking the bot inhibitor turret, opening up the base. With full control of the map, G2 lured OG towards the Baron on the respawn allowing PerkZ to pick off Zven.

Now they had the numbers advantage G2 took the top inhibitor, but their aggression would turn into over-aggression as they overstayed their welcome. PowerOfEvil was a bright spot for OG here as his Orianna was able to hold off G2 and pick up multiple kills in his base. OG would chase G2 all the way back to the Baron and with two dead on G2, OG began to take the Baron, as Kikis sacrificed himself in an attempt to stop them but to no avail. After waiting out the Baron G2 retained a large gold and continued pressuring the base, taking all three inhibitors and winning the final fight to take the first game.


EU LCS Spring Finals: G2 ESports vs. Origen

Game 2

In standard lane matchups, OG gained an early advantage in mid and bot but Kikis on Trundle was able to solo kill sOAZ for First Blood. PowerOfEvil and Amazing made a trip to the top and got the kill back with a dive onto Kikis. The OG duo would try to pressure Trick in his own bot side jungle resulting in a 4v4 fight with no deaths, and although OG took the mid turret off the back of that fight Kikis would answer back with a top turret take. Amazing and sOAZ pushed the top lane back and took a turret while G2 traded it for the first dragon.

A bot lane turret push by OG was then thwarted by a double teleport by PerkZ’s Twisted Fate and Kikis’ Trundle, letting G2 get two kills for one. Soon after, PerkZ died in the mid lane after getting caught by Alfonso “Mithy” Aguirre Rodriguez’s Thresh. G2’s attempt at a split push would also go awry as Kikis would die in the top lane after taking an inner turret, while PerkZ was killed after teleporting into a fight on the bot side. The game became quite sloppy with Trick, Zven, and Emperor all overextending alone, getting caught out and killed.

A great flash shockwave from PowerOfEvil’s Orianna secured OG three kills in the mid lane, allowing them to take a mid inhibitor turret. The chaotic and hectic play would continue as PowerOfEvil and Zven would both die in the mid lane in a small skirmish. At the next dragon contest, the two teams began a fight that started at the dragon pit but would end in the top lane as G2 chased OG across the map. OG managed to buy enough time for their team to collapse and they pick up three kills with no deaths. With Kikis split pushing in the bot lane, OG took the opportunity to secure the first Baron of the game trading their outer mid and inner bot turrets.

The Baron would secure OG a mid inhibitor, and they won a fight in order to secure the top inhibitor turret. But much like G2 in the first game, they stayed too long resulting in three deaths. Super minions demolished the G2 base leaving a naked nexus. After a bot inhibitor turret take, the teams would fall back and then meet in OG’s top side jungle. PerkZ tried to teleport flank on his Twisted Fate but was immediately neutralized, and OG won the fight and the game.


Game 3

OG took the First Blood on Amazing’s first gank into the top lane. However, PerkZ on Zed replied with a solo kill on PowerOfEvil in mid while the rest of G2 four-man dove sOAZ in the top lane, netting them two kills. PowerOfEvil was then baited in by a PerkZ recall and got himself killed in G2’s jungle. An attempted gank in between the two mid turrets would turn into a skirmish, with both mid laners dying but PerkZ getting another kill.

With PerkZ ahead on an assassin, he became a constant nuisance for OG. He would keep multiple members of OG busy around the mid lane while his teammates tower dove bot killing Zven and Amazing. Glenn “Hybrid” Doornenbal was able to use his Bard ultimate to allow G2 to keep tower diving, as they secured the mid turret and got another kill on PowerOfEvil. Kikis would die trying to steal the enemy red buff but PerkZ got the kill back as he assassinated Zven in a 1v2 engagement at the inner mid turret. With their assassin ahead, G2 would to split push and apply pressure to multiple lanes. PerkZ would also begin to showboat as he dove past two turrets in the mid lane to kill Zven, getting himself killed in the process.

The over aggression plagued G2 once more as they lost a team fight in OG’s bot side jungle allowing them to start the Baron. However, Trick came up big as he jumped into the pit and stole the objective just as his team respawned, trading himself for the Baron buff. The Baron power play extended G2’s gold and turret lead and another fight broke out near OG’s blue buff.

It looked as though PerkZ was caught out but with some fancy Zed play he was able to trade himself for Zven and allowed G2 to win the fight, set up, and secure the next Baron. With the buff, G2 reestablished their split push and PerkZ would again solo kill Zven as his team pushed into the base and killed PowerOfEvil on the opposite side. They continued to push into the base and eventually closed out the game.  

EU LCS Spring Finals: G2 ESports vs. Origen


Game 4

OG swapped out PowerOfEvil to insert Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño Martínez into the lineup for this game, and his presence seemed to have an immediate impact. OG picked up the first five kills in the game with ganks and tower dives in mid and top, and although G2 got a couple of kills in the top lane due to a teleport gank form Kikis, another mid lane gank would end with PerkZ dead and xPeke picking up the kill. With such a gold lead in the mid lane, xPeke began roaming around the map and picking up kills for OG.

With their double teleport, OG were able to stymie any cross-map aggression from G2. OG would dive the inner mid turret and get two kills for one, but fail to take the turret. A return trip to the mid lane secured them the turret and a slight gold lead. OG entered a 1-3-1 split push, but G2 rotated and collapsed onto the bot lane killing sOAZ and Mithy. G2 took another small victory as they engaged OG around the Baron, killing xPeke, and after regrouping, G2 would start the Baron with OG right there to contest it.

Despite both junglers being in the pit, Baron was secured by Kim “Emperor” Jin-hyun on Caitlyn, as G2 lost Trick and Kikis on the exit, allowing OG to take their mid inhibitor turret. With the buff still on three members, G2 answered with a mid inhibitor turret of their own. OG controlled the pit at the next Baron respawn but Trick came up with another miraculous Baron steal as G2 lost three members for two on OG, giving G2 their first gold lead.

After a dragon take by G2, a fight would break out in the mid lane. A mechanical misstep by xPeke on Lissandra would lead to his death at the hands of PerkZ’s Zed. With the Baron buff still on and the numbers advantage, G2 piled into the base of OG, grabbing a couple more kills before securing the nexus and the EU LCS Spring Split Championship.

EU LCS Spring Finals: G2 ESports vs. Origen

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