Decklist spotlight: StrifeCro's Control Mage

The experienced deckbuilder combines Freeze Mage techniques with some of the new Karazhan cards to come up with non-combo control Mage.

Cong “StrifeCro” Shu is one of the most prominent Mages in Hearthstone. Although rarely seen in tournaments nowadays compared to the start of his career, the Cloud9 player is still respected for his deckbuilding and analytic skills.

Taking a pinch of Karazhan cards and mixing them with the best defensive cards Mage has to offer, StrifeCro has arrived at a control list that plays differently to the established Freeze Mage. There are no burst combos – Ice Lance, Forgotten Torches and a second Fireball are notably missing from the list – and runs Ragnaros the Firelord and Elise Starseeker as its primary win conditions. Ethereal Conjurer does give some flexibility to the deck, and so does Babbling Book to some degree. In the middle of the curve, the resilient Avian Watcher protects Mage’s life points.

This is a great list for players who want to try control Mage but find the thousand little intricacies and calculations of Freeze too hard to master, so if you’re one of them, do give it a try.

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Source: GosuGamers Hearthstone

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