Canada Cup Season 7: The North American showdown begins

Details for the seventh season of the Canada Cup have been revealed, the open qualifiers will be starting in a few days and the group stages in a week.

The open qualifiers for the Canada Cup #7 will be played utilizing the FACEIT platform and is scheduled to begin on the 23rd of April and end on the 24th; the top four teams will advance to the group stage which will be taking place on the 28th of this month.

For the group stage, the Canada Cup organizers will be splitting the participating teams into four groups of four – assigning each of the open qualifier winners to one of the groups. Once set-up, the four teams in each group will partake in a double elimination bracket to decide the top two who will advance to the playoff’s upper bracket, the remaining teams advance to the lower bracket. The match for the group stage and round one and two of the playoff’s loser bracket will be best-of-one, and the other matches will be best-of-three, with the exception of the best-of-five finals.

Canada Cup Season 7 invited teams:

United StatescompLexity Gaming
United StatesDigital Chaos
United StatesShazam
United States Animal Kingdom
United StatesEverNova
United StatesTeam Freedom
United StatesVoid Boys
United StatesEnemyGG
Wonder Wolves
Perky Pepperoni’s

Moving away from Canada Cup #6‘s best-of-one round robin into playoffs format, the organizers have decided to use a GSL style group stage for this tournament after receiving feedback from fans and competitors. Outside of this change, nothing major has been altered from last season, with the base prize pool remaining at $20,000 and Moonduck.tv returning as the English coverage providers.

For more information about the participating teams and schedule, click here.

Source: Canada Cup

Source: GosuGamers Dota 2

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